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Graphics and one-click installers for everyone

By Jade Wang and Asheesh Laroia - 10 Nov 2015

Open source web app developers build great apps. But sometimes, backend-minded developers need a little help, from making it easy for end users to install their apps to making their icons and other graphics visually appealing. To make open source web apps viable as an ecosystem, the apps must be easy to install and use, and to get the attention they deserve, they should have good-looking icons that convey the purpose of the app.

Graphics for everyone

Lately, we’ve been running an experiment – will app authors be interested in custom graphics, designed by Néna Nguyen at Sandstorm? So far, the response has been positive!

So I’m excited to announce we’ll do this for everyone who packages their app for Sandstorm: To support app authors, we are happy to help with graphics. This is on top of the one-click install for your app that Sandstorm enables, which works just as well in the cloud as it does for self-hosters (see below). For instance, Néna will make an icon for you if you need it. Check out this awesome icon set that Néna made for Wekan (kanban board):


Wekan (open source Trello alternative) icons in varying contexts. Check out Wekan on the App Market »

One-click installers for everyone

An app written using Meteor is the easiest to package – there’s a special tutorial for Meteor apps. If you input the URL of your GitHub repo below, we can even do a first-run of the packaging for you and ping you with a live demo featuring your own spk (Sandstorm package):

Meteor or not, any web app that runs on Linux can be packaged for Sandstorm. Get started with this documentation link.

Packaging docs »

Drop a line to [email protected] with any questions and we’ll make sure you succeed.