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App update: 8 New open source self-hostable apps

By Jade Wang - 22 Jan 2016

Have an Oasis account already? If not, you can sign up for one right now and start using it to install any of the 48 apps in the Sandstorm App Market. (You can also use your own Linux box, of course.)

App authors in the Sandstorm community have been exceptionally productive lately, packaging their favorite apps and writing original apps as well. I wanted to share some of my recent favorites with you. Here are some brand new apps you should install on your Sandstorm server today:

Davros (file-sync)

Davros screenshot

Davros is an open source alternative to Dropbox that works with the ownCloud client installed on your local machine. It’s an original app by Michael Nutt (one of the founders of Movable Ink) who also hosts the Sandstorm NY meetup. He also wrote Hummingbird (see below).

SandForms (forms)

SandForms screenshot

SandForms is a slick open source forms app (alternative to Google Forms), by a team at ThoughtWorks, led by Jack Singleton, who is also author of Hacker Slides.

Rocket.Chat (Slack alternative)

Rocket.Chat screenshot

Rocket.Chat is a full-featured open source Slack alternative that has taken the world by storm (by Gabriel Engel and the Rocket.Chat team).

Hummingbird (real-time web tracker)


Hummingbird gives you real-time web statistics on your website, much like the real-time feature in Google Analytics. It’s also by Michael Nutt (author of Davros).

Gogs (git server & interface)


Gogs is an advanced yet lightweight git server that also ships with an issue tracker. It was packaged by Cem Kocagil, who also packaged a bunch of apps I’ll talk about below. (Gog upstream authors: Gogs team)

Dillinger (markdown editor)


Dillinger is a markdown editor with side-by-side panels, much like desktop markdown editor LightPaper, where the left side is for editing, and the right side is for previews. It was also packaged by Cem Kocagil. (Upstream author: Joe McCann).

NodeBB (bulletin board)


NodeBB is a real-time forum app, featuring a modern user interface, tags, voting, and real-time chat. Like Gogs and Dillinger, it was also packaged by Cem Kocagil. (Upstream author: NodeBB, Inc.)

DokuWiki (wiki)


DokuWiki is a simple yet versatile classic-style wiki. It was packaged by Nolan Darilek, who also packaged lightweight accounting app HLedger Web. (Upstream author: DokuWiki Team)

And more…

I also wanted to share with you an article I wrote for, highlighting the open source apps on Sandstorm that replace Google Drive.

Check out these apps and more in the Sandstorm App Market. Or write your own round-up blog post of your own favorite apps and drop a line to [email protected] to let me know.

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