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Sandstorm UI now available in Chinese, Dutch

By Kenton Varda - 28 Oct 2017

As of last week’s Sandstorm release (version 0.216), the Sandstorm UI is (mostly) now internationalized, meaning text has been moved out of the interface into separate translation tables.

This work was mostly done by Romulus Urakagi Tsai and Caasi Huang, supported by Additionally, they contributed translation tables for Traditional Chinese, as well as a partial translation to Simplified Chinese (though the latter is still incomplete).

With i18n in place, other Sandstorm users immediately began work on other translations. In this week’s release (0.218), we’ve merged a Dutch translation by Michel van der Burg.

Would you like to contribute a Sandstorm translation? It’s easy – no programming required. Check out the contributing guide for instructions, and talk to us on the sandstorm-dev mailing list.